Saudi Industrial Machinery CO.

Saudi Industrial Machinery Co., founded in 2003, is a leading trading
company in the sector of industrial machinery offering the widest range of
solutions for the processing of steel, aluminum, wood, used in different industrial segments.

Business Solutions

Wide range of products
outstanding product quality
competitive price


Proven experience in different industrial sectors
Superior customized solutions


Warranty & after sales service
Competent and dedicated teams of engineers and technicians to support customers

Our Products

Wood Machines

Steel Machines

Aluminium Machines



Jeddah Branch
Old Mekkah Road, Kilo 3 
Phone: 012 681 3068

Riyadh Branch
Exit 17, Al Madina Al Monaora Road
Phone: 011 242 2499

Dammam Branch
Al Khodaria, Saihat Road
Phone: 013 845 1619

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